Data is one of the most valuable resources for organizations in today’s world. The more information you have about your target group, the better you can understand their interests, wants and needs.

Our data collection tools run on Android devices but also have a backend system (web-based) that views all data sent from the field in the form of Text, images and GPS. Our tool supports multiple data types and associated questions ranging from different sectors; all of these data can be exported or downloaded through PDF and Excel/CSV formats.

In addition, our data is local and internet hosted storage which has a feature to extract data as it works well with networks such as GSM/CDMA/GPRS/LTE/3G/EDGE/Wi-Fi. For customization purpose, the respective administration console provides interfaces for customizing look and feel and application wording/logos.

Bluefin Solution’s data collection tool is efficient and effective for organizations which conduct or have use cases such as:

Field service calls.
Incident reporting.
Supply chain and logistics.

With this Android platform, we reduce prominent challenges organization’s including:

High error rates.
Slow reporting or data entry delays.
A lack of flexibility in deploying programmatic changes.
Disruptions to beneficiary interactions.
Difficulties in supervision.